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What Can You Do If You Lock Your Keys In Your Car Or Van?

Have you ever been in that awful situation where you’ve accidentally lock your keys inside your car or van? It’s an experience none of us want to go through, but it does happen from time to time.

If you find your locked car has the keys inside, don’t panic! There are several things you can do to get back into the driver’s seat of your locked vehicle without too much trouble.

In this article, I’m going to explain what steps you should take if you lock your keys in your car or van so that hopefully next time, it won’t be such a stressful event.

First and foremost, remember not to stress out about the situation – getting worked up will only make matters worse! Once you’ve calmed down and collected yourself, figuring out how best to solve the problem is the next step.

You’ll need to decide quickly whether calling a locksmith or trying other methods would be more beneficial for your circumstances. So read on and learn all there is know about dealing with being locked out of your vehicle!

Finding Someone Who Can Help when you have locked keys in car

If you find yourself locked out of your car or van, the first thing to do is reach out for help.

Calling a friend who has a spare car key to unlock your car is an obvious solution and could be the quickest way back into your ride.

If that’s not an option, there are other ways to get in as well.

Remote unlocking services can be used if you have access to them and provide instantaneous solutions with no effort on your part.

Or you may need assistance from roadside help; companies like The AA offer 24/7 service for lockouts and many insurance policies will cover the cost so it might be worth checking before reaching out for professional locksmiths.

Many auto shops also offer vehicle assistance such as jump starting batteries when needed.

You can always call around to see if any local garages provide these services or even just ask for advice about how to proceed forward in getting back into your vehicle.

With all the options available, there’s sure to be something that works best for you and gets you going again in no time!

Moving onto the next step: calling a locksmith…

Calling A Locksmith to deal with a locked car

If you find yourself locked out of your car or van, the first thing to do is take a deep breath and relax. There are several options available for getting back into your vehicle.

Diy methods

One option is hiring a locksmith. They can quickly come to your location and unlock your door with specialized tools. Additionally, many auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance packages that include lockout services.

Another way to get back in without calling a professional is by using common door unlocking tools like slim jims or coat hangers.

If all else fails, check if you have any spare keys lying around or make use of keyless entry systems provided by some automakers.

Whatever route you decide on, being locked out doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge; it just takes planning ahead and knowing what resources are at your disposal.

Moving forward, we will discuss how to use a slim jim or coat hanger as methods for unlocking cars and vans.

Using A Slim Jim Or Coat Hanger method if you have no spare key

When all other methods of gaining access to your car or van have failed, you might be tempted to try and open the door yourself. Before attempting this, however, it is important to consider if there are any less risky options available.

One option that some people find useful is using a Slim Jim or coat hanger trick in order to gain access and retrieve their keys from within the vehicle. A Slim Jim is a specially designed tool with an angled end (like a slip knot) which can be used to carefully maneuver/manipulate the locks on most cars and vans. Coat hangers can also work as makeshift tools for lock picking; however, they may not always fit into the keyhole correctly depending on the size of your key.

In either case, plenty of patience is required when trying to pick a lock – but with practice comes success! If you do decide to use one of these methods, then make sure you take extra care so as not to damage any parts of the car or cause further problems down the line.

If you’re still unable to unlock your vehicle after several attempts with a Slim Jim or coat hanger, then it’s probably time to look at getting your ignition keys duplicated by a professional locksmith who has experience working with cars and vans. This will ensure that you have peace-of-mind knowing that your new spare set won’t get stuck inside again anytime soon!

Trying To Open The Door Yourself without car keys

If you find yourself locked out of your car or van, the first thing to do is assess the situation for parking lot safety. It’s important to make sure that no one else can access your vehicle and its contents while you are trying to get back in.

Fortunately, there are a few options available:

1. Contact roadside assistance ( tow truck drivers can often assist if the keys are locked inside)or emergency services if necessary;

2. Locate a spare car key (e.g., at home or with a family member);

3. Activate any existing car alarms as an additional deterrent; and

4. Utilize other methods of entry such as using wire coat hangers or slim jim’s to open the car doors manually.

If you have only ever used the unlock button to unlock a car then the locking mechanism may be seized. You can use your car keys in a back and forth motion to assist clear any debris from the lock. An auto locksmith can help you gain access by prying the door frame a bit to unlock your car door vans are a little more tricky as the sill is quite thick and difficult to reach the keys in the car as the door frame won’t leave a big enough gap. Older vehicles can have issues with a new key not going in the lock correctly leaving further repair costs. Avoid doing this yourself as it coup lead to body shop repairs being required.

Before attempting any of these measures, it’s important to be aware of potential risks including causing damage to your property or even putting yourself in danger. With this in mind, take time to carefully consider all options before deciding on a course of action — whatever decision you make should be done with caution so that you don’t worsen the problem!

Moving forward, preventing a lockout like this from happening again would be ideal…

Preventing A Lockout In The Future

It’s an awful feeling when you realize that you’ve locked your keys in your car or van. It can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated, like a caged animal.

Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to prevent this situation from happening again in the future.

One of the most effective ways is installing an alarm system with remote start capability on your vehicle. This way, if someone attempts to access it without permission, they will be alerted and deterred while giving you a chance to respond quickly and secure the area.

Additionally, staying organized by keeping track of where all your spare sets of keys are kept is another great habit to form – whether those spares are for your home, work, locker at school etc. You’ll also want to keep some spares inside so that even if one set gets lost or stolen, you’re not completely out of luck!

If all else fails and you still find yourself stuck outside of your vehicle after hours, don’t worry – many local locksmith services offer emergency lockouts as part of their 24/7 offerings so help isn’t far away.

Or perhaps investing in a keyless entry system would be helpful? That way, no matter what happens with physical copies of keys; as long as the person has the code or password associated with it – door locks remain secure.

People often leave a spare set of house keys with a neighbour why not a car key? Do check with your car insurance as some car insurance companies may see this as a security risk and not cover you if something went wrong. A spare key could be kept in a key safe rather than having keys sitting about.

All these tips should give you peace-of-mind knowing that whatever life throws at us we’ve got our vehicles protected!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Locksmith?

If you’ve locked your keys in your car or van, hiring a locksmith can be a costly solution. Make sure like us your chosen locksmith offers a fixed price gain entry solution. This will protect you against any surprise costs. The Locksmith will need to know your car model to unlock your car

But don’t worry – there are DIY solutions to try first!

Maybe you have an alarm system installed on the vehicle that comes with remote unlocking capabilities.

You could also look into roadside assistance membership plans which may include lockout kits and other helpful tools.

If all else fails, then it’s time to call a professional locksmith for help.

No matter what option you choose, mastering the situation is within reach!

Is It Safe To Use A Coat Hanger To Open My Car Door?

If you’ve locked your keys in the car or van, there are a few methods of getting back inside.

One method is to use a metal hanger – this involves slipping the hanger through an open window and manipulating it so that it can unlock the door from the inside. Best way is if the ends remain bent and use your index finger as a guide. Fishing line can also be a help if you have the facility to use a pry tool or air wedge to give you enough space in the door frame. This can allow you to get a solid grip on the locking mechanism. Hooking the latch like a giant tooth and then gently pull the door handle. Genius tricks with these everyday items can help carefully unlock your car door.

While this DIY technique may be tempting, it’s not always safe as you could end up damaging or setting off your car alarm.

You also risk breaking into someone else’s vehicle if you don’t know for sure which one is yours!

If you’d rather avoid taking any risks, then consider hiring a locksmith who has experience with remote unlocking services or contact an auto club for assistance.

Alternatively, try rolling down the windows using either your spare key or some other tool like a tennis ball before calling on professional help.

Is There A Way To Open The Car Door Without Using A Slim Jim?

If you’ve locked your keys in your car or van, don’t fret!

There are a few ways to open the car door without using a slim jim.

One option is remote unlocking with keyless entry technology. This works by sending an electronic signal from a device like a smartphone that unlocks the doors and disables any car alarms. ( these can be installed by a local garage on older cars some newer cars have them built in)

Another way is to call roadside assistance services who can usually unlock cars if you have spare keys with them.

Regardless of which route you choose, it’s possible to get back into your vehicle without having to resort to tools like coat hangers or slim jims.

What Can I Do If A Locksmith Is Not Available In My Area?

Finding yourself locked out of your car can be an immensely frustrating experience. When a roadside locksmith isn’t available in your area, you might think that all hope is lost.

However, there are still several measures you can take to get back into your vehicle without breaking in or damaging it. Break-in prevention tools such as steering wheel covers and car alarms may help deter theft if the keys have been stolen.

If you do happen to have spare keys around, these could be used to unlock the door from outside the vehicle or through a neighbouring window. Additionally, many auto clubs offer roadside assistance services with access to certified locksmiths who can come and open your car’s doors for you quickly and securely.

Are There Any Special Tools That I Need To Purchase To Prevent A Lockout In The Future?

Preventing a lockout in the future requires some preparation.

One of your best options is to purchase a remote unlocking device or key fob that allows you access to a car without needing physical keys.

You may also want to consider installing an alarm system for extra security and peace of mind.

Additionally, if you don’t already have one, it’s worth getting a duplicate car key made so you always have spare on hand just in case.

Following these steps can help save you time and stress down the road if ever find yourself locked out again!


In conclusion, being locked out of your car or van can be a stressful and costly experience even the experienced people can get keys locked inside their vehicle. But don’t worry; there are ways to get back in without needing the help of a locksmith.

Using a coat hanger or special tools may be effective, but if you don’t have access to these items then calling for roadside assistance is always an option.

Preventing future lockouts can also be easy with the right tools. Investing in an extra key or keeping spare keys with friends and family will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Don’t let yourself be locked out again; take action now!

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