A locksmith installing a door lock {location}

There are a few non-destructive ways to gain entry to a car if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out or lost your keys. Here are some options:

  1. Use a slim jim: A slim jim is a thin, flat piece of metal that can be inserted between the car window and weather stripping to manipulate the lock mechanism. It requires some skill and knowledge of how car locks work, so it’s not recommended unless you’re confident in your ability to use one.
  2. Use a coat hanger: If you have a wire coat hanger, you can straighten it out and bend one end into a hook shape. Insert the hook between the car window and weather stripping and use it to pull the lock or door handle from the inside.
  3. Use an inflatable wedge: An inflatable wedge can be inserted between the car door and frame to create a gap that allows you to insert a tool to unlock the door. Once the gap is created, you can use a tool like a long reach tool or a grabber tool to unlock the door.
  4. Call a locksmith: If you’re not comfortable trying to gain entry yourself, or if your car has a more complicated locking mechanism, you can call a professional locksmith. They have the tools and expertise to quickly and safely unlock your car.

It’s important to note that while these methods are non-destructive, they can still potentially damage your car if not done properly. Use caution and consider contacting a professional if you’re unsure of what to do.

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